This Package will Push your Blues Playing beyond Pentatonic Licks - You'll Learn Open String Licks, Double Stop Licks, Diminished Licks, Phrasing Ideas, How to Target Chords while Soloing, and so much More ... and Josh shows how to incorporate all these ideas into standard Blues Playing

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This Lesson Package has a ton of great content and we are excited
to present this as the first of several Lesson Packages that Josh is working on here at GuitarBreakdown
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Intro – Overview

– In Josh’s first Lesson Package here at GuitarBreakdown he Teaches a ton of Licks, Licks and more Licks that will get you beyond your normal Pentatonic thinking!
– Josh Teaches Quick and Easy ways to use each Lick in your everyday Blues Playing






Complete and Accurate Transcriptions

– 38 Pages of Tab and Standard Notation
– 93 Licks and Concept Transcribed and Explored
– Many Licks and Ideas are 8 – 12 measures long



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Cascades – Open String Licks

– Josh shows Lots of Open String Licks and how to work in and out of each Idea
– Cascades are often associated with Country Guitar …
Josh shows how to make these Ideas mix seamlessly with Blues Guitar Playing



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Hybrid Picking Technique

– Hybrid Picking is a Technique used in every style from Rock, Fusion, Country and Blues
– Josh shows a bunch of Licks that use Hybrid Picking and demonstrates how it affects Tone!
– Transcription/Tab Notates right hand Picking Technique



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Double Stop Licks

– A Technique used heavily in Country Guitar … Josh shows how Cool it sounds when used in Blues Guitar Playing
– Loads of Double Stop Licks and Concepts explored with tons of Variations on each Lick



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Chromatic Licks

– Josh shows Easy Concepts to help you come up with your own Chromatic Licks
– Use Chromatics to expand your Fretboard
– Fusion style Chromatic Licks …
ala Oz Noy



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Diminished Licks

– Josh’s favorite Trick to Spice up his Blues Playing
– These Licks mix Diminished Ideas and Pentatonic Phrases in Simple, Fluid ways that sound Amazing




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Phrasing – Ideas and Concepts

– How to Play Memorable Ideas that draw the Audience in
– Learn how to take a Simple Motif and make it Work
– Mix Melodic Ideas with Licks to build your Solo



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Target Tones – Playing Over Chord Changes

– Target strong Chord Tones to make your Solos Stand out!
– Outline the Chord Changes with Arpeggios and Leading Tones
– Approach Target Tones with Chromatic movement


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Rhythm – Grooves and Variations

– Bust out of your Generic Rhythm Patterns
– Josh shows Lots of Full 12 bar Blues examples
– Learn various styles of Traditional Blues, Funk Blues and Jazz Blues Rhythm Comping




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