In this - 9 Volume - MasterClass Series - Allen Hinds will dive deep into 9 of the most Essential topics when it comes to Playing Guitar. Allen Hinds has been one of the most highly praised Guitar Teachers at Musicians Institute - GIT - for over 20 years. In these 9 individual Lesson Packages Allan Teaches the Secrets to Mastering the topics he Teaches most often to his Students.

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Volume 1 – Major Scale Modes

– 7 Modes – Heavy focus on the most often used Modes of the Major Scale
– A complete Breakdown of important Intervals that make each Mode sound unique
– When to use what Mode and Why



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Volume 2 – Melodic Minor Modes

– Using Melodic Minor over Altered Chords
– Allen shows how he seamlessly mixes Melodic Minor with Blues Licks
– How to use Melodic Minor over Static Chord Vamps vs. Resolving Chords



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Volume – 3 Legato Fundamentals

– Building Legato Fluidity and Strength
– Using Legato to Break out of Box Patterns and Freely Visualizing the entire Fretboard
– Learn everything you need to create a strong Foundation for playing Fluid Legato Lines




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Volume 4 – Legato the Next Step

– Continuing from Volume 3
Allen takes Legato to the Next Level
– How to seamlessly incorporate Legato
into what you already play
– How to use Legato to build tension and
intensity in a Solo



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Volume 5 – Playing Over Chord Changes

– Expanding your ideas when soloing over Blues Progressions
– Secrets to playing over V – I chord Progressions
– Tips on keeping your solos interesting when playing over a Static Chord Vamp
– Mastering Arpeggios and Target Tones



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Volume 6 – Symmetrical Scales

– Unlocking the mystery
of these misunderstood Scales
– Why these Scales mix so well
with Pentatonic Scales
– Spice up your Blues Licks
with Diminished Scale Ideas



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Volume 7 – Rhythm Guitar

– Learn cool new Chord Voiceings to Spice up the simplest Blues Rhythms
– Understanding and Exploring chord Extensions and Embellishments
– Mixing single note Phrasing with Chord Comping




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Volume 8 – Writing Songs

– This is where Allen ties together everything Learned in the previous 7 Volumes
– Allen Breaks down several of his most popular Songs
– Creating and Building a Solo using Modes, Legato, Motifs and Phrasing



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volume 9 – Gear and Equipment

– How to achieve Allen’s much sought after Tone
– Pedals, Pedals and more Pedals
– Guitars to Amps and all the forgotten things that make his Tone



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