Here in Volume 3 - Legato Fundamentals - Allen will get you started from the ground up in building Legato Strength - Developing Fluid and Melodic Legato Phrases - and showing you everything you Need to form a Strong Foundation for Mastering a very Lyrical Legato Technique.

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This Guitar Lesson Packages has 1 hour and 27 minutes of Video content as well as
a 22 page PDF file with 69 Legato Concepts Accurately Transcribed. Everything needed for a Guitar Player to grow big and strong like Popeye.
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- Wanna have a Fluid and Melodic Legato Technique - Your Journey Starts Here -


Great Technique Begins with …
Strong Fundamental Knowledge and Skills

– 1 hour and 27 minutes of Video Lessons
– Learn Licks and Concepts that go beyond what most Guitar Instructors Teach when it comes to this Smooth Lyrical Technique
– Learn Allen’s Tips and Tricks for getting to an Advanced Level




Complete and Accurate Transcriptions

– 24 Pages of Tab and Standard Notation
– 69 Licks and Concept Transcribed and Explored
– Allen explains the Value of each Concept and how to Explore with it



– Sample Videos – coming soon –





– Sample Videos –



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