About GuitarBreakdown


GuitarBreakdown began with one main concept in mind … Lets try to help Guitar Players Learn some of the things they “think” might be too difficult to Learn.

That concept continues to be the primary driving force that Inspires us when recording new video Lessons.

One of the first Free Guitar Lessons we posted on YouTube was based on the great Allan Holdsworth.  Some might cringe when they hear that … with a thought of …

“Really … who are you to think you can play like Holdsworth”

… or …

“Holdsworth is a monster Guitar Player … you have to be super advanced to Learn that stuff, let alone try to Teach it”.

Well screw you mister “Nay-Sayer” …  Guitar Playing is all about rebelling against the masses and doing it your own way!  Rock n Roll !!!

But seriously, Guitar Playing is about being an individual.  Along our musical journey we Learn “rules” and theories that help guide us in a direction of growth.  But it is our responsibility to bend and sometimes even break those “rules” … that is where we develop our unique voice and individual styles and sounds on our instrument.

So the reason we even attempted to do that original Lesson on the Great Allen Holdsworth was to “Teach something that many might view as being too difficult to Learn” … and Break-it-Down in a easy to understand way where everyone from beginners to more advanced players can Learn some ideas that they can explore with.

Again, the goal is – Helping Guitar Players Learn some cool stuff that they might be otherwise too intimidated to try to Learn for themselves –

Let’s face it, Learning Guitar can be intimidating at all Levels.  When you first start out everything seems like a uphill battle.  But even when you rise above and move into an Intermediate Level of Guitar Playing it feels like there are now even more hurdles to work past (a million new scales … tons of crazy chords … techniques that you’ve never even heard of before).  And then when we feel like we actually know some stuff and can confidently (at least in our own minds) call ourselves more Advanced Players … well … that’s when we realize how little we really know.

Now this wasn’t written to discourage anyone.  This is actually just laying it all on the table.  You can ask any Guitar Player … regardless of their perceived Level … and if they are honest (with you but more importantly themselves) … they’ll probably tell ya … “man I suck”.

So we’re here to tell you … “Don’t get discouraged”.  Take it slow.  The journey of discovery and learning is truly the fun part.  It’s like being excited about eating a good meal … all day you’re looking forward to it.  Then when you sit down if you just rush thru it … afterwards you think … “that was good, I guess”.  But if you had taken it slow and enjoyed the eating extravaganza … enjoyed each bite … then! … you’re left with … “oh my god … that was the best thing Eva” !!!

So try to enjoy every moment of learning and exploring … don’t just rush thru everything in anticipation of getting to “advanced” playing status.

Alright … that’s our spiel !  We hope you continue to join us for our ride of Exploring and Learning.  Help spread the word about GuitarBreakdown … we’re hope to build a really fun musical environment and we truly thank you for being a part of it!